Together, let’s help your kids

Together, let’s help your kids

projet posture à l'école

The canton of Fribourg (Switzerland) has just accepted our proposal for a pilot project to improve children’s posture at school: it is considered innovative, while Olivier is recognized for his expertise in the field. The authorities also appreciate the fact that Erg’OH Conseil is assuming all the costs, as part of our social commitment.

This public health project has 3 objectives:

  • train teachers in the importance of children’s posture (in terms of health, concentration and learning ability). Olivier will teach them how to talk about posture, how to organize their lessons to promote movement, and how to insert suitable exercises;
  • improve parents’ awareness of the same issues;
  • develop “ergonomic DIY” workshops to create footrests and cushions to help children sit more comfortably. By making the objects themselves, they’ll learn to respect them and develop their manual skills at the same time.

True to our societal DNA, we’ve decided to share the solutions and experiences gained from this project. If you’re interested, you can join Olivier’s public Facebook group by clicking here.

Next step: find a pilot school in the canton of Fribourg. Initial contacts are promising: interest in the subject is immense!

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Together, let’s help your kids

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