Intervention method

To treat musculoskeletal pain, Olivier has developed a unique healthcare approach, based on a combination of posture therapy (Mensendieck method), ergonomics and engineering. The result is a 100% “hands off” approach, which allows the client to be the main actor in the treatment of pain and dysfunction. The results are impressive, durable and economical.



During his 10 years in the Netherlands, Olivier was trained in posture therapy following the Mensendieck method.
This method considers that only the patient can modify the functioning of his neuromuscular system. It observes that manipulating patients, as most doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, etc. do, does not effectively promote long-term habits and posture change.
In contrast, the Mensendieck therapist aims relentlessly at the empowerment of his patients. 
The return on investment is excellent: when you become your own therapist, health costs are reduced and the prevention of MSDs is improved. This is because reaction time following the first symptoms is reduced.
However, posture correction requires motivation, concentration and repetition. Therefore, Olivier only treats highly motivated people: your time is too precious to be wasted..

An innovative combination

Olivier and his team do not manipulate or touch their clients. Thus, they can work remotely, with patients based abroad. 
To bring even more lasting results, Olivier has reinforced the synergies between ergonomics and the Mensendieck method:
  • ergonomics improves hardware and work organization
  • Mensendieck therapy helps fix your posture and the exercises you do daily.
Hence, the combined method invented by Olivier is uniquely effective in its ability to reduce the total biomechanical load on the tissues.
Feedback from clients is unanimous: the approach is so logical and structured that you gain lasting clarity of mind, comfort and quality of life.
cours Mensendieck

The Mensendieck story

After spending her childhood in New York, Bess Mensendieck (1866-1959) studied medicine in Zurich. She pioneered the observation that body awareness (proprioception) can be improved by better use of the body, and that this increases muscle control and coordination as well as overall balance.
In the last decades, Bess Mensendieck’s clinical findings have been complemented or confirmed by research on the brain and nervous system, their plasticity and their consequences on movement learning.

Olivier and Ans Samama

Starting in 2006, Ans Samama-Polak (1924-2023), the most famous Mensendieck therapist in the Netherlands, trained Olivier as her successor. Throughout her carreer, she treated the greatest musicians of the 20th century, as well as hundreds of other patients with MSD and other neuromuscular diseases. 
By agreeing to work remotely as of 2015, Olivier has opened up a new and successful therapeutic avenue. His clients particularly appreciate the logic, clarity and comprehensiveness of his approach.
Since 2020, the Posture Academy allows all budgets to benefit from a state-of-the-art postural treatment, simply from a cell phone.

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