Regain mobility, vitality and energy with the Posture Academy

The Posture Academy offers 3 online posture programs. Whether short or long, they are all designed to help your correct your posture without any difficult exercise or expensive equipment, in as little as 10 min a day. With all of them, you also get to download The Posture Manual, for free. 

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online posture programs by Olivier Girard

Perfect your posture,
quit painful evenings
and preserve your health

Musculoskeletal disorders are caused by what you do to your body, day after day. Hence, nobody can fixes the causes of your pain better than you. Olivier’s job is to empower you, one day after the other.

The Posture Academy and its 3 posture correction programs are designed to make you regain mobility, control and energy. Fixing your posture, improving your environment and implementing safe, easy and effective exercises in your daily activities has never been easier, more logical and more enjoyable!

Embark now on a journey that will make you feel better for good. Your back and your neck already say thanks!


Your content and your course have changed my life. Thank you so much!


Since the start of the program my occasional (strong) back pain is practically gone. 


The explanations are very detailed and clear, and it doesn’t take too long! It is suitable for everyone!


Never seen such a comprehensive program on posture correction. Hats off ❤️

The 24-Days Posture Express Program

This short program focus on sitting and all the related issues: rounded shoulders, forward head posture, lower back pain and neck pain. Ideal program for office workers.

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CHF 49.00

10-Weeks Posture Master Solo Program

In addition of the first program, dive deeper in how to stand, walk, bend down and carry. This program is ideal for parents, musicians, physical professions and seniors.

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CHF 179.00

10-Weeks Posture Master Coaching Program

In addition of the benefits of the other programs, get direct access to Olivier via the in app messaging system. You also get 3 one-on-one coaching sessions.

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CHF 699.00

With every program you get free access to Olivier’s private Facebook group.

Enjoy his live weekly workout and ask him all your questions.

It’s free, and it’s for life.

100% Money Back Guarantee. No Recurring Fees. Cancel Anytime.

One more gift to you
The Posture Manual by Olivier Girard

The Posture Manual

With every online posture program, you will receive a digital version of Olivier’s best-selling book for free !

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I’m on a mission

I have a societal mission: I want people worldwide to have access to life-changing and practical wisdom on posture and ergonomics. I also want them to know what they should tell to their kids. What’s why the programs are 100% affordable for everyone.

​Moreover, you shouldn’t have to go into debt to be in great shape and be healthy: financial stress is bad for you. I have been through financial stress too, so we can discuss installments if you are motivated enough to commit.


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The Posture Academy’s online programs are designed to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and manage non-specific back or neck pain. If you have a specific diagnosis (e.g., herniated disc, disc disease, etc.), please consult your physician before performing the exercises.

The access to the app will be automatically removed a month after completion of the program. If you really need to extend it, please contact us to request a free 1 month extension.

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