Raising Parents’ Awareness

Raising Parents’ Awareness

Posture is like brushing your teeth: it should be taught at school and at home, from a very young age. But how can parents with bad posture teach children what is right? Olivier and his team help raise awareness among adults.

Teaching posture at home

It all starts in the first few months: a baby can already learn some tricks for a good posture at a very early stage.

But parents also need to understand what an ergonomic seat is, how to DIY their environment to improve their child’s comfort, and how to be a good role model (whilst protecting their own bodies!). If you carry your child in the right way, being in your arms will also be much more comfortable for him/her!

As the child grows, new questions arise. Which chair to do the homework? What are healthy habits with regard to screens exposure? What should be said or avoided when talking about posture? Don’t wait until adolescence to help your kids use their body well!

Posture can be seen as a game. Exercises as well.

Olivier and his team use their expertise, passion and societal commitment to help you protect the next generation!


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