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One mission only: to help build a world in which musculoskeletal disorders are better controlled.

By combining ergonomics and posture therapy, Olivier Girard and his team have designed unique tools to preserve your health, reduce lost working time and be more productive. All this whilst protecting your kids.


Thanks to ergonomics, your tools are optimized, your organization is smoother and your environment is healthier. The load on your body is reduced, which protects it against the risk of musculosekeltal disorders (MSD).


Posture therapy focuses on your habits, i.e. on how you use each joint and muscle in your daily activities The impact on your health is durable, at work and at home.


Your strategic issues are our compass, whether they are professional or personal. We help you achieve them while preserving your health and that of your colleagues.


I was far from imagining everything that you can do to help our invalidity cases!

Case manager


I carried groceries the other day... and by mobilizing my back muscles, I didn't even feel the weight of the bags! That's so great!



You are the first person who actually explained how to adjust a chair properly.

Office employee


As a student chiropractor, but also struggling with chronic pain, this is life changing. Truly, thank you!!

Future chiropractor


Let's be honest: this training course is super important for us all.

Deputy manager


Thank you for this extremely enriching training course!!



My long term neck pain is gone... this information is priceless!

Office manager


If I had met you 20 years ago, I would have chosen to do your job. It is so exciting.



Olivier is a genuine expert in his field. He is a highly educated, practising clinician - not just a youtuber.



I realized how much we actually don't know...

Childcare worker


These were the most clear instructions for me. I have adjusted my seat perfectly and felt a lot of comfort and relief in my back and shoulders.

Sales manager


On this subject, it is very rare to see a specialist keeping 120 people captivated for 1 hour!



When I got home from your class, it was the first time in 10 years that I wasn't in pain. I finally got some sleep and rest!



Olivier, you're a genius! After just one exercise, I already feel better!



Your channel is among the best ones I found in terms of knowledge, experience and expertise. The way you approach things makes so much sense!



VERY personalized advice!



Clear-sighted words and super professional actions. Thank you again and again: don't change anything.

OHS office


There's no reason not to work with you. All employees were extremely satisfied.

HR Director


Pragmatic and effective.



Superbly positive energy, perfectly tailored advice.



The presentation is very interesting and Olivier knows how to make the subject fun.

HR Specialist


Your content and your course have changed my life.



I feel so much better now! I can straighten up. I feel relaxed 95% of the time. My shoulders are relaxed. It took 41 years but I now have a decent posture.


Thanks to you, we bought a height-adjustable desk, a chair, a laptop stand and a footrest... and it has made a big difference!


I religiously followed your advice, and my neck pain has disappeared. The results are durable. I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.


The Posture Manual by Olivier Girard

"A book that should be reimbursed by health insurance companies"

Finally, a manual that breaks the codes and preconceived ideas to teach you how to correct your posture on a daily basis.

Clear and detailed explanations, videos of exercises, practical examples of ergonomic arrangements in the office and at home: the press and the public are unanimous!

Olivier Girard

Olivier Girard stands as a distinguished expert in the realms of ergonomics, posturology and occupational health. Holding a background as an engineer and entrepreneur, Olivier seamlessly integrates technical, strategic and paramedical skills, offering a holistic approach to the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

As the author of the best-selling book, "The Posture Manual", Olivier has made significant contributions to the field. His deep understanding of the business world uniquely positions him to develop tailored solutions for individuals and companies of all sizes, globally.

Olivier's expertise is sought after internationally, with individuals and companies, both large and small, seeking his guidance. His unique approach to MSD prevention has garnered acclaim, making him a go-to resource for those looking to enhance workplace health and overall well-being.

Explore the transformative insights of Olivier Girard and join the global community prioritizing musculoskeletal health. Whether you're an individual seeking personalized advice or a company aiming to optimize occupational health, Olivier's comprehensive expertise is at your service.

Olivier Girard - ergonome posturologue

The Posture Academy

Olivier can teach you posture at your own pace, and at a low cost! In only 10 minutes a day, thanks to our mobile application, you can regain mobility, control and vitality.

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