A commited company

Erg’OH Conseil is a for-profit company. However, it’s DNA is societal: it was created to provide help and expertise. Therefore, we commit to giving time and money to causes that we care about.

We give money

Money helps us pay salaries and taxes, but it’s not the main drive of our activities. Our generosity is therefore also financial.

Part of our yearly income is directly given to the association El Sistema Morocco. By working with us, you support a social welfare programme through intensive music playing, entirely free of charge. The association trains symphony orchestras and children’s and youth choirs of the highest standard.

Furthermore, we regularly support other associations: the Blinds Worshop, the Just for Smiles Foundation or children sports teams in the Fribourg district, where we are based.

We also favour local companies and craftsmen.

We give time

Olivier Girard, the founder of Erg’OH Conseil, dedicates a large part of his time to informing the general public through his YouTube channel. He also volunteers at various conferences on health or entrepreneurship, and offers free consultations to guide those who cannot afford our services.

In addition, most of his actions in schools is on a voluntary basis. To go further than just correcting the damage done to the health of adults, our expertise must also serve to protect the next generation.